First Generation Restoration Jigs ...

The original idea for the do-it-yourself jig came to me when I decided to do a full on restoration on my 1967 Camaro. I found when it came to doing the body work there were no jig plans for sale and if you found a jig available it would run you close to $2,000. Needing a jig and not wanting to dish out that kind of money to buy one, I decided to design and build my own jig. In speaking with other first generation Camaro and Firebird enthusiasts I found a market for such a product. I decided that I would sell an inexpensive set of plans for those that wanted to take on a project like a full on restoration.

The jig I have designed is easy to build as well as affordable.  The plans that you get will be in laymans terms so that you don't have to be a 'rocket scientist' to understand them. A basic knowledge of reading blueprints, a few basic tools and being able to follow directions is all you need to build this jig. So if you are looking to save some money on your build then this plan is the one for you!

For just $69.95 you will get a complete set of plans, a material list, as well as a comprehensive build guide to be on your way to having that jig you always wanted!

I will also be selling the fully fabricated jig at the affordable price
of $1199.95(not including crating and shipping fees).

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